Saturday, March 28, 2009

What to do with 3 feet by 10 feet

I'm away from home, but will be back Monday and will be blogging about my suggestions for a small raised bed. It's going to be a mix of herbs and edible flowers, and it is what I am trying to create in my herb area of the vegetable garden. For now, I am enjoying sleeping in and going to the beach while my fabulous in-laws do practically everything for the kids. Hooray!

See you Monday...


  1. Hope you had a great time... aren't in-laws fabulous!

  2. hope you had a great weekend in SD - and the weather was perfect! Can't wait to hear about the small raised bed. I need to do it! :)

  3. PS - would LOVE to help with any sort of deco for your indoors..!! :) 'twas so fun last time with your chairs!!!

    PPS - didn't forget (if you still want it) - a banner/logo for your blog - I made some up, and J took the laptop on his trip. Need to get them to send to you, tonight!!


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