Friday, March 13, 2009

My new and improved shed

When we first moved into our house and started gardening, the partially rusted shed was one of the first things I felt like I needed to address. After discussions of removal were totally rejected by my husband, I started researching vines to cover it up as much as I could. There are so many great vines for Southern California! Mandevilla, Snail shell vine, and climbing roses are all things I considered. However, for speedy growth, great evergreen coverage, and delicious fragrance, you just can't go wrong with Jasmine. We purchased a small potted jasmine two years ago and now have completely covered half of the shed. The flowers are starting to bloom and it is heavenly! We screwed some trellis to the sides of the shed where we wanted it to grow and now it just meanders up the shed on its own.

The Jasmine makes me so happy...when it is fully in bloom, you can smell the fragrance all the way to the back of the yard.

I still need to figure out how to cover the other half since there isn't soil at the base like there is on the left side. A potted vine is out of the question because potted things don't survive in my care. We all have our shortcomings, apparently. If you have something icky at your house to cover, blooming vines are definitely the way to go!


  1. Niki - I LOVE jasmine. How blessed you are to walk out the door and smell it! My little pink star jasmine I got last year may not have survived our record breaking winter with snow on the ground for nearly 3 weeks. I just came in from doing more winter clean up... my fatsia (false aralia) looks so beat from the snow and ice! Time to sharpen up my cutters!

  2. Love that! I bought jasmine last year with my friend above. But we had a harsh winter this year and I don't think it made it. :( So glad you and melinda found each other! She truly is an amazing gardener! And an amazing friend.

  3. Loving the Jasmine..looks great! Also love the smell, so fragrant! What about painting the other side of the shed? A sweet cottage blue color? :)My husband would love a, love, love one... Enjoy your weekend~

  4. I just read what I wrote, HA! I meant what about painting the shed...not just the other side...! :)


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