Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm in love with Azaleas

It's true - I love Azaleas. I didn't know how much until this Spring. It seems that every garden I see that makes me swoon has the lovely ruffled blossoms of the Azalea. Once the garden center became full of them in a multitude of colors, I simply couldn't resist any longer. These two lovelies came home with me and now are living in the shady garden of my backyard which used to be reserved for Heucheras. It is North facing and mostly shady, but does get a bit of light in the afternoon. I hope the heuchera don't mind sharing!


  1. Such beautiful flowers. We jsut came back from your neck of the woods on vacation to Disneyland and I miss the sunny skies there.
    Thank you so much for being my first blog follower. I was so giddy when I saw that I had a follower. Yay!!!

  2. Great pictures! You're kids are so cute. Hello to Rob and anyone there who remembers us.

  3. Nikki ~ You are so blessed to see Azaelas now - we had snow again yesterday! We don't see those cheery blooms until April & May! Love all that color... and Heucheras are one of my faves - all those crazy foliage combos.

    Thanks for the splash of sunshine!


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