Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magic Kingdom gardening

We were at Disneyland yesterday (we often are, living in SoCal) and I couldn't help but post a picture. How nice to have a fun place to take the kids and also get to enjoy the flowers along the way! Much of the planting in Tomorrowland is herbal or edible, which I enjoy tremendously. My kids like to pinch the rosemary growing along the planters on the way into their favorite futuristic rides. This little garden is outside Pixie Hollow and is filled with fun little flowers that we love to look at on our way in to meet Tinker Bell. They don't really HAVE to plant such nice things, but they do and I appreciate it.


  1. Nikki - What a treat to head to Dland without booking a hotel & air. The grounds are immaculate - nice to admire someone else's handiwork w/o breaking a sweat.

    BTW my biz is teeny tiny - last year 3 customers (total of maybe 14 pots)... I am SO amatuer... but that's what's so fun. Being a professional would probably take all of the fun away for me. I like to dig & pot and some people are willing to pay me, that's all.

  2. We were just there and you made me want to go back. My daughter and I went to see Tinker Bell and the flowers around the pond are so pretty. Wish we lived closer.

  3. I have been craving Disneyland for over two years now...I'm envious :) I love that you see the beauty everywhere you go!

  4. Oh! I had to tell you. I started to pull weeds out of my front yard. I'm preparing for the lavendar and rosemary of my dreams. Now, when the weeds are pulled, what do I do next?! :)

  5. oh, maybe one day....
    sounds like fun.


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