Sunday, March 15, 2009

Releasing the ladybugs

This morning before church, we took the kids into the front yard and released the ladybugs into our rose garden. One little $9 container (I found mine at the Armstrong Garden Center in Monrovia) has so many ladybugs inside! It is important to release your ladybugs during the early morning or late evening, since they are least active during these times and are less likely to fly away. Open your container and gently shake it over your roses to release them. Many of them might be dead, but don't worry -there are many more living ones that will be thrilled to eat your aphids! I sprinkle the whole thing, wood shavings and all, onto the roses, knowing that the breeze and our sprinklers will take care of the wood shavings. Of course, you'll want to let a few crawl onto your childrens' hands and fingers. They are so tiny and pretty and children love them! Encourage them to be gentle and let them crawl (or fall) onto the leaves from their hands. I'm hoping to give another update soon on our progress. Our aphid infestation seems pretty heavy this year, so I'll be excited to see how successful my pretty little ladybugs are.


  1. what fun! I love letting the ladybugs go in the yard. I haven't done it in YEARS - and will for sure when I see the first sign of aphids. sigh....its bound to happen - they L-O-V-E our roses! LOVE your posts! (and seeing your cute kiddos!) xoxo

  2. How fun! And what AMAZING photos! I'm really impressed! And I'm having fun following along ;)

  3. If I didn't see this pic w/ my own eyes I wouldn't believe how big Sarah is already!!

  4. OK, i totally didn't know that !
    Please keep your blog going,.
    can't wait for my garden...
    i'll post pics soon


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