Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scarlet Runner Beans

Have you ever been to one of those wonderful children's gardens where houses and teepees are made out of beautiful climbing vines? Well, this year we are determined to make our own teepee out of some bamboo poles and scarlet runner beans. I had planned to plant scarlet runner beans anyway because of their bright red blooms that are completely edible, but then I started looking around online and found that they make a great climbing vine for teepees. If you want to join me in tepee making, plant now! All you need are 5 or 6 long (15 feet would be good) bamboo poles. Stick them into some soil and tie at the top with twine to form your teepee. Then plant the beans all around the base. Your seedlings should be naturally inclined to climb right up the structure, but check them periodically and guide them upwards if you need to. By the hot days of summer, you should have a nice little spot for some of your little ones to hide out with a glass of lemonade. Plus, since the flowers and beans are totally edible, you have nothing to worry about if they have a little snack, too!

P.S. For an adorable idea for little people lemonade, check out Allegra's cute!


  1. I just had to stop by and tell you that your gardening blog has inspired me to want to start planting!! Then I saw your sweet comment on the lemonade jars. I ordered them today. I'm so excited :)


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