Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trailing Verbena

Look what I planted today! Aztec light pink and white trailing verbena.

I planted it in front of the new butterfly bush to give that spot a little color while the bush grows. I'm not a big fan of annuals, but I couldn't say no to these.

I feel like I am planting something all the time...I didn't realized how few plants we had and how much I've already planted! I nearly bought a mandevilla vine today, too, but resisted. I am still thinking about covering the other side of our icky shed, but haven't quite figured out what to do yet since whatever it is will have to be in a pot and will therefore be in great peril in my hands.


  1. I like to get annuals just as an excuse to be "one with the soil." As always, beautiful flowers you planted.

  2. so pretty.... I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blog because I just want to be outside in my garden! I usually don't plant annuals either but those are darling!


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