Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Anniversary Tree

On the 21st, my husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, hooray! Gardening is something we've found that we really enjoy together and so I thought it was fitting that the planting of our new tree happen at anniversary time. We planted a Tabebuia Caraiba (Yellow trumpet flower) tree, which is the most beautiful tree in the world. The bright golden blooms are always the first signs of spring while nothing else is blooming yet here in SoCal.

My sweet husband dug out a hole from our St. Augustine grass for the tree and then dug out (using a pick axe!) an even bigger hole for my new little garden around the base of the tree.

I have now planted Allysum on the outer ring and Delphinium grandiflora (a perennial) around the inner ring. Now I'm just waiting to figure out what the perfect yellow flower is to plant amongst the others. Rudabeckia Indian summer might be the one, but we'll have to see. I don't feel like I'm in too much of a hurry right now.

For those of you who might be thinking of planting a tree, you should check out the great giveaway from the eco-friendly sterling jewelry company Figs and Ginger. If you plant a tree between April 13th and May 6th, take a picture and send it in for a free pair of earrings or a tie tack!


  1. Happy 8 years, Nik & Rob! What a fun way to comemorate your anniversary!


  2. Happy 8th anniversary! Wow, these pics are amazing. Your hubby did a great job. I love cut outs where trees are. The flowers around it are fabulous looking. Great job you two!

  3. I love how you and your hubby garden together! I'm glad I read your blog, I've always wanted to start gardening and now I have inspiration!

  4. Thank, Colleen :) I've been reading through your blog and it is amazing. You are one tough cookie, girl!


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