Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gardening identity crisis

There never seems to be enough time to plant all of the things I want to see in my garden. Perhaps that is because I want it ALL. I live in a place where I really ought to be growing low-water Mediterranean type plants, but I simply can't keep myself from wanting a lush, beautiful cottage garden, overflowing with blooms of this and that. Of course, I'd also love to have a rock garden filled with mosses, nooks and crannies plants, and a pond filled with water plants. I'd have a cutting garden of just roses, a huge area for rows of corn, lemon trees, orange trees, apricot trees...oh, and yellow and pink tabebuia trees, too (Tabebuia impetiginosa and Tabebuia caraiba). There is a little bit of a space issue. We live in a small house on a small lot, and so there isn't nearly enough room for any of this. Perhaps one day we'll have a huge lot and grow everything my heart desires, but for now I think I really need to buckle down and figure out just what kind of garden I'm trying to grow.


  1. That sounds so dreamy. We have a pond in our backyard, but have done nothing with it as it would cost a bundle. The potential is great.

    Well, I hope one day you own acres and acres of land to have your dream some day. It sounds fab!

  2. You sound like me trying to figure out how to decorate my house. I want to so much but I can't have it all...which is really just ridiculous ;) However, your garden is a better world contribution--mine is merely selfish.

  3. ah, the ultimate gardening struggle. well i suppose there are a lot of ultimate gardening struggles. like keeping things alive.... anyways, i feel your pain! Dealing with keeping things water-wise and trying to have some continuity in the garden while being unable to stop planting one of everything you want.... What a fun struggle though huh?


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