Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thyme for a recipe

My thyme needed to be cut back so I brought some into the house to put in vases and then I also decided to use it for dinner. What a delightful smell! I grabbed a big handful and washed it under the sink before tucking it in (flowers, stems, and all!) between some frozen chicken breasts that had been seasoned with salt and pepper. I put a little lemon zest on each one and then squeezed the juice from the lemon over the whole thing. About 2 tbs. of olive oil drizzled over the top finished it off and then I baked it uncovered for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Because I put them in the oven frozen, it was so easy! I served it with the harvest grains from Trader Joe's, which is a mix of baby garbanzo beans, red quinoa, and risotto and then we had a side of steamed asparagus topped with a citrus vinaigrette. Yum!


  1. When's leftovers tomorrow? I'll be there. That looks so yummy.

  2. I'm slowly waking up from my daughters party last night {the party girls are all still asleep} and this post made me hungry for dinner and it's 7:46 AM I need you to start my herb garden!!! Yum!! keep encouraging me to do it!!!! :)

  3. Well it's still 11:00AM for me and have had no breakfast yet. I just can't recall ever having the desire for fish for breakfast...


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