Thursday, April 2, 2009

A book for California Gardeners

I love checklists. I love knowing specifically what to do and when to do it and getting to cross it off my list. This book totally feeds that need for me! "52 Weeks in the California Garden" by Robert Smaus is such an incredible resource. The book is separated into the four seasons and each season broken down into weeks. The author gives such fabulous advice about your garden for every week of the year - everything from what to plant, what bugs to look for, even which weeds are coming and how to get rid of them! I have already learned so much about gardening in California and how to maximize our year-long opportunities for growing. There is something to plant nearly every week here, and this book is really helping me to stay on track with the calendar. According to the book, now is the time to plant perrenials, so I'm off to check out the garden center. Have a great day!


  1. I am exactly the same way. I love checking off my list. This book sounds like my kind of book, but I need one for the state of Washington ;-) We just had rainy snow yesterday. I envy your weather!

  2. Hey Janelle - I found this one on Amazon for Washington/Oregon. Maybe you can find others, too!

  3. Hey! Have you been to the San Gabriel Nursery? I went the other day to get ladybugs for our aphids!! (Thanks to your posting!) Anyway - this book looks awesome! Just might have to check it out!


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