Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Double Delight

The kids are outside playing in buckets of water, so I started poking around the roses to see what might be new. And look! Double Delight is just starting to bloom. The cool temperatures of the spring make pink of the bloom extra dark, with a smaller amount of creamy white in the center. In the middle of the hot summer (up to 110 degrees F), only the outermost petals are pink, and the white center takes over.


  1. That looks so heavenly and so unreal. I think I need to come visit your garden some day to get inspired:-)

  2. Nikki - OH my gosh... what a gorgeous rose. I am SO jealous. I don't even attempt roses - too much mildew, black spot and slugs. Triple threat. I LOVE your blog. Keep it coming!

    I totally hear you on wanting all kinds of plants. I have had so many trial and errors from plant lust.... ha ha. I try to pick safer things now - harder to kill. Thanks for sharing your amazing flowers!

  3. Are they hard to grow... I want flowers like you have! You are the best gardener! :)


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