Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I am so sad that I missed posting these on actual bloom day (the 15th), which is a wonderful thing started by May Dreams Gardens. Here are some pictures of what is blooming right now...I love seeing everyone's pictures!

Chamomile in the herb garden

Strawberries in my son's strawberry patch. He really carefully weeds this and picks out the slugs with his bare hands. He is only 4 and he loves to garden with me!

Thyme in the herb garden

David Austen Golden Celebration Rose is still in the first round of blooms

This lovely peach tree doesn't belong to us, but it is planted on the back wall of the garden and hangs over quite a bit. We enjoy the Spring blooms tremendously, so I feel justified in adding it to the list of blooms.

Oranges are just forming on the Satsumi dwarf orange tree

Huechera Key Lime in my mostly shady Huechera garden


  1. I forgot to sow some chamomile! I made some tea from mine a few years ago- best tea I've ever had.

  2. Nikki~ What outrageous things are blooming in your garden! It's like a whole different planet than Seattle... real flowers ~ the rose is SO beautiful. And adore cammomile...I think I have the same if not similar feverfew?

    Thanks for sharing... good job on slug patrol to your son ~ now that's a devoted gardener. Good job mom!

    I have to ask about the Cake Wrecks blog... friend of your or just curious?

    You inspired me to buy a thyme & Italian parsley plants. Now I just need to get the little guys out of their 4" jail cells so they can grow.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes,I agree with Mindy. It's like a different planet here in Seattle. You have blooms way before us. I'm so jealous. Your flowers are gorgious!

  4. I hope my son finds something he enjoys doing with me as he grows as your son enjoys to garden with you. That is so special.


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