Thursday, April 9, 2009


I was minding my own business at Trader Joe's when this sweet little thing jumped right into my cart. I had no idea that succulents wanted to live at my house! Now, it is a widely known fact that I cannot keep anything in a pot alive. Not a hanging basket, planter, or urn has lasted at my house, largely do to my lazy watering. Doesn't that mean an Echevaria succulent is perfect for me? I have an adorable little froggy planter that has always needed a little succulent something, and I finally found it. The label says to leave it indoors until the blooms fade and then take it outside, but if anyone has any experience with this plant they'd like to share, I'll take it! I know it spreads, hence the common name "hen and chicks," since smaller plants emerge around the base of the larger plant. Does this mean it won't do well in a little statue pot?


  1. I wish I knew the answer to your question. I love to garden, but other than that....

    I have the opposite problem of watering too much. Can't believe there is such a thing. Beautiful pic by the way!

  2. Nikki ~ This is hilarious. I have the SAME plant from TJ's. I don't know why I bought it either! I've had it a couple of week, but just yesterday, I took it out of the shiny neon green pot to find it was rotting a little (from overwatering at the store)! I will have to repot it, but I don't have a great track record for houseplants. I need help from mother nature to keep plants alive.

    I immediately recognized that plant ~ the flowers are very disctinctive - that's what attracted me. Guess we both have great taste!

  3. I think you'll be wildly successful with "hen and chicks"...they survive outside year around here in Zone 4 and literally require no care. Alhtough I'm not sure on Echevaria hen & chicks...they may not survive the weekend in CA. Kidding you, of course. Maybe my h&c are the ice bowl variety. Nice visiting your blog.

  4. I don't know the answer but i would love one in a pot. :) it's so pretty!!


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