Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great edible flower article

I am often at the Vegetable Gardener website for information, and today they had a great article on edible flowers! One of them, Monarda (Monarda didyma) was spiky and beautiful, and it is also known as bergamot! Now if you know me, you know how much I love tea, particularly Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is the unique flavor of Earl Grey, and now I'm going to have to plant some. My herb garden is getting pretty packed, particularly with things that seem to grow into giants, so I'm not quite sure where to plant it, but plant it I will. I'm also growing chamomile this year, in the hopes of creating some sort of chamomile/rosemary/mint tea. Interestingly, Vegetable Gardener also had an article on growing tea recently, so I may even try to have my own little personal tea crop this year. Oh, the things we can plant!


  1. Oh how fun to grow tea!!
    Hey, I just got the OK to plant at our house AND the landlord will reimburse us for improving the house.
    How great is THAT?!

  2. NIk- I MUST have some of your Earl Grey tea. It is my favorite - and think you should ABSOLUTELY sell it!!!! Sell it loose-leaf in some of those fab. cello bags that we know ALL too well, and you can use the $$ to sustain your tea-garden! :) Love that you're SUCH a green thumb. I appreciate gardens so much! xo (especially yours!)

  3. I have never had edible flowers. That sounds so divine.

    My mom loves tea. I am more of a hot choclate kind of girl.

    That's a pretty tea set!

  4. tea... I have a cup every morning. Can't do coffee first thing it has to be tea, and chamomile in the evening is my favorite... it helps me sleep.I just need to come over to your garden... it sounds so charming and wonderful.

  5. Nikki ~ I love reading your posts. I am always inspired and genuinely intrigued... we both obviously love to garden but seem to approach it from such different perspectives - I love that! Yesterday I bought a littlle thyme & Italain parsley for my "mini" herb garden that will be on my deck oustide the kitchen. You've definitely got me thinking about new things.

    In May, after our last hard frost date, I am trying a new variety of nasturtium called Milkmaid. Its supposed to be "captivating moonlight shades". Sounds romantic doesn't it?

    I know they are edible, but haven't ever really harvested... but you inpsire me to do so! Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. Nikki, no sweat about missing GBBD, it looks like its always blooms day in your garden. :)

    How was your time away? Have a good weekend. I have MOPS tomorrow and hope to enjoy some springtime sunshine around here this weekend.
    Drat! I just now hear the rain... oh well, that's why we are the evergreen state!


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