Sunday, April 5, 2009

The first rose arrangement of the year

This was from about a week ago, but I never got around to posting it. I love the yellow roses (David Austen Golden Celebration) and I'm so happy they are finally giving a great show. The white rose is Honor and the peachy-pink rose is Sunset Celebration. The yellow and white roses smell especially strong this year, it seems. Also worth noting...the aphids seem to have moved along or were totally eaten up by ladybugs. Hooray!


  1. What a beautiful bouquet... I can smell the sweet scent now. Lucky you. I think we had an extra warm day today ~ 70 maybe. Wow wee! I celebrated with more clean up and the first truckload of mulch.

  2. Hey Nikki, What's blooming... well, I've got lots of grounds covers that are waking up - sweet woodruff and vinca minor, both lovely, invasive and thankfully easy to rip up. My sweet hubby picked up a truck load of extra fine black bark mulch, so I worked on edging and weeding all the beds in the front yard this weekend. That way I will stay OFF the lawn during the thatching, aerating and reseeding process. Having lived in this house 20 years, we have quite the routine of sprucing this place up in the spring.

    I also cut back my dwarf buddeliah (sp?) butterfly bush that was growing onto my very non-gardening neighbor's roof. So it seems lots is growing...., just not blooming exactly.

    I did bring in the house another hyacinth from the garden... so right now I am enjoying it's sweet scent. Tomorrow s/b near 70 again... I am hoping to get some good work done while my two year old naps. He "helped" me today, was barefoot playing in the dirt, covered with popsicle juice. My nine year old helped "shovel" the mulch. Spring break kept me busy and away from the garden and the gym. I hope to return to both this week. Have a great week!

  3. Those are gorgious. Wow! Thank God for ladybugs, right?

  4. mmmmm! Our roses will be in full bloom this week! Can't wait. Yours are so beautiful! Did you add any new roses to your collection? Could you just get one of each David Austin rose? love them.

  5. I just just SMELL them in my mind!!

  6. Yellow and pink is my favorite color combination. I think they do each other a's just so fresh and pretty. I LOVE these roses. I used to have David Austin at my old house, but have another yellow rose here.....always a problem with the aphids. I'm not wild about it. I have pretty good luck with most of the garden, but none with roses.

    Blessings and smiles!


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