Saturday, May 2, 2009

LA Garden Show at the Arboretum!

I can hardly contain myself. I've read over the list of speakers, drooled over the list of vendors, and started dreaming about the compost bin that I'll be starting. Today is the day! The LA Garden Show is at the Arboretum, which is SO close to my house. At lunchtime, I'll be heading over to a lecture from Nicholas Staddon, Director, New Plant Introductions, Monrovia Growers. His topic is vegetable gardening and he'll be introducing new plants as well as discussing beautifying the veggie garden - such a needed topic for me, I assure you! Next, I'll be going to a a Rosalind Creasy lecture. She is a photographer and author, and her book, Complete Book of Edible Landscaping is on my Amazon list! I really was thrilled to see that she was on the list of speakers and I can't wait to see her. I hope to have lots of fun things to share after my excursion today. I'll try to start blogging about it on Monday after I take it all in and get some photographs. Have a great Saturday!

UPDATE! I just returned and have I got a wagon-full of goodies to share with you! I've taken some pictures and will show you all of my new plants. For now I have to run off to see if I can find a new trellis...


  1. Did you get a picture of the chicken coop in the exhibit area? I've been trying to describe it - I thought it was brilliant!

  2. Nooooo....I didn't see it! I spent so much time in one of the herb booths and then at the tea booth that I completely ran out of time. Oooh, I'm excited about the chickens - once I officially announce our new family members (and bring them home!) I'll have a whole new post about them :)


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