Friday, May 29, 2009

The happy ending...

After much weeding and sweating the garden is looking lovelier than ever. We got all of the weeds out, my husband rearranged the sprinkler system and added a new line, and veggies are growing. Ahhhhh. We still may lay down weed paper and then cover it with bark so that things look a little nicer, but I really am relieved that it is looking so good for now. All those nights of weeding have resulted in a nice little garden spot for us...and just as things are starting to bloom, too! I intended to share a picture of my Mother's Day gift a while ago. Here it is in the middle of the garden -a beautiful new trellis for the Thompson Seedless grape! I've always loved these and I'm so pleased that I now have one of my own. I've been inspired to really plan out the garden next year, and it is going to be centered on this grape vine. I'll plant rows of veggies and herbs in a star burst pattern with the trellis at the center. I really want the garden to look like something next year...whether it is a pattern of boxes or circles or whatever. The tomatoes, as enormous as they get, won't be able to participate in the pattern, but I'm thinking I can use them in the corners to anchor the natural square shape of the garden. So many fun things to consider!
I'm rushing to get a few things read this morning and commented on because my darling son Noah asked me this morning if it is a cleaning day or a shopping day or a school day...all no. So he said, "Mommy, can it be a play with Noah day?" I'm limiting myself to all computer work and showering during Sesame Street and then the rest of the day will be with the kids. Hope you are having a great play with your kids day, too!


  1. What a good mom you are... and an awesome gardener! That trellis is to-die-for! Your garden looks so pretty and tidy. I feel like mine is a wild jungle. I love a civilized looking vegetable patch.... cannot wait to see that starburst pattern. That will be amazing!

    Have a super-dee-duper weekend! BTW Noah is a QTpie!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your son saying that is SO precious!!

  3. It looks great and play time is the best!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. BEAUTIFUL garden!!! wow. And I just saw the posting about your growing chicks.....WOW! They're beautiful!



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