Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daisy and Henrietta the chicks

Yes, it is true. We have two new little chicks at our house! They are so fuzzy and fluffy and sweet and we just adore them.
Henrietta is on the left and Daisy is on the right.
Daisy is a Buff Orpington.

Henrietta is a Rhode Island Red.

Sarah cried and screamed all the way home from the feed store where we bought them because she thought we were leaving them there. The kids LOVE the chicken. Noah likes to sit outside and "chicksit" them so that they won't be alone. Adorable.

Oooh, chickens!

My dear husband built a coop for them, which is now situated comfortably behind the shed in a spot that will stay cool in the summer. I am planning to plant some yummy things that chickens like to eat in their little run - things like lettuces, sorrel, chives, and hosta are some of the things I've heard they like to eat. Of course, they'll scratch and wreck their plants, which is fine as long as they leave mine alone.
For now they are in the garage in a box covered with chicken wire with a heat lamp attached. They'll live in the garage for about 4 weeks or so until they are ready to move into the shed.
Oh, the adventure we have started!


  1. Very nice coop your hubby built! I'm sure the new tenants will love it. I wish I could find the room for some chickens!

  2. Wow, as enough being a super mom, organic gardener extraordinaire isn't enough, now you are a farm chick! You go girl! BTW Nikki ~ there are adorable.

  3. How neat. They each get one. Your kids are super CUTE.

    That's a great looking chicken coop by the way.

  4. So cute, Nik - what an amazing COOP! such luxury.


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