Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The chicks are growing!

Oh, the little chicks aren't so little anymore. Their fuzz has turned into feathers and they are now big enough to live in the coop! The kids have been loving having them to play with and the chicks seem to be just as in love with the kids. We still haven't totally figured out the composting thing, but all in good time. Daisy and Henrietta will be with us for a long time, so we'll figure it all out eventually.

Noah with Henrietta and Daisy
Sarah with Henrietta
Me with Daisy and Henrietta


  1. So cute....oh my word I just love them the chicks and the children!!! :0 ) how fun,

  2. Well, now I can put a beautiful face to a name. Your kids are sooooooo cute. What fun for them to have these little chicks to play with. Great childhood memories!

  3. Yeah Nikki! I can finally see you! Hello there gorgeous! No wonder your kids SO cute! And those chicks look chick-a-licious. What fun. I bet your garden is going gangbusters!

    Thanks for popping over....no swimming today. -Drake and I have nasty colds. I sound like a two-pack a day smoker. Ha!

    I need to pace myself this week - lots of MOPS prep for our end of the year meeting. Need to put final touches on newsletter etc. So gardening might have to be on the back burner... hard to do when the sun is shining.
    Take care and thanks for sharing those *adorable photos.

  4. they're absolutely adorable.... both the two legged species!!

  5. Cute pics! You and your kids are adorable, and those chicks are darling too. My younger daughter would love them!


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