Friday, May 15, 2009

May Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I haven't posted much lately because of a weed situation in the garden that I'll be going into more detail about soon. Weeds - the scourge of the garden! But my son and I went around the yard today taking some pictures to share what we have blooming today. Thank you to May Dreams Gardens for hosting this! Things are really starting to grow quickly in the vegetable garden so many of the pictures are edibles...I can't wait for summer salads!
First up is the lovely purple flower of an eggplant

Our first beefsteak tomato
Yellow Pear tomato blooms Pumpkin Blossoms
Cucumber blossoms...

and our first cucumber

Strawberry flower

The nasturtiums are blooming, which I was so happy to see. I expected them not to do much since they are in very fertile soil, having just been given a dose of manure and worm gold at the beginning of the year. Looking forward to adding these to salads!

The zucchini has the prettiest blossoms right now

Scarlet runner bean flowers
And finally - a bee we found on a growing strawberry - yay bees!


  1. I was wondering what happened to you and was about to ask you where you were. I hope the weeds are taken care of. Your garden makes me want to pick up and move down south where the sun is. We have had rain in Seattle this week(shocker I know) and it's been a bit chili and windy. Today was nice and sunny however. Have a fab weekend!

  2. Nikki Yeah! You made in time for GBBD! What an amazing veggie garden you have. How wonderful to walk outside and pick something to eat. That eggplant flower - so pretty. Who knew?

    Love nasturiums - I planted my seeds this week. Hopefully we will have some heat to get them going. Its funny how different our climates are. My sweet peas I planted a month ago are about 2" high. Keep the pictures coming so I can remember what summer looks like. Love that cuke, and the tomato. What a dream...
    Have a super day!

  3. WOW, those are some great shots. I just LOVE the eggplant flower, I have never grown eggplant, therefore I would never know they had such beautiful blossoms!

  4. I would love to make a salad from your garden... I love eggplant, I just came across a recipe I want to try with eggplant, bell peppers roasted and pureed and spread it on flat bread!

  5. I have to correct you. On the last photo it is not a bee. It's a fly that imitates a bee (or better a wasp).



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