Monday, June 22, 2009

Guest editor

Nikki and the kids took a road trip with friends this week, so it's my turn to post something. Unfortunately for you, the reader, it's like getting a brick of cheddar cheese when you were expecting warm brie. Or getting a 150cc scooter when you were hoping for the new 1,300cc Honda Fury. You get the idea. Nikki is the one who researches, finds, plants, and feeds everything growing at our house. She's well versed on pH levels, hours of sunlight required, and zones. I mow the lawn. Occasionally I'll put some weed and feed out there, but that's about it. Here's my contribution to the picture gallery - the edge of the lawn along the front curb. Based on the detail, I apparently need to sharpen the edger blade.

My wife is very special and I'm not sure how I convinced her to marry me, but I'm glad she agreed. I think I can safely say we'll all be happy when she gets back home next week.


  1. This is so funny. What a great guy to take the time to post on your wife's blog. Does she know you did this? If not, I think it's even funnier :-)

  2. Rob, you crack me up! Thanks for keeping us updated:)

  3. Rob - you're hilarious - LOVE this 'sabotage' - she's going to love it too!

    Great picture....really? You couldn't get one of a pretty vegetable or flower growing in that FABULOUS garden?

    Miss seeing you guys every week!!!

  4. What a wonderful guy to blog for his wife! hilarious!!!

  5. hey, fun reading your perspective. not many guys out here in blog land. love to laugh. but really she has given you lots of raves... like how you dig a hole at a moments notice for her plant the day obsession. you rock!

    Tell Nikki I am SO sorry about her plant tragedies. Sunflowers 12' tall???!!! My seeds I planted 6 weeks ago are 2' tall - what a joke.

    Hugs to Nikki.

  6. You're hilarious, Rob! Come home Nikki! :)

  7. You're hilarious, Rob! Come home Nikki!


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